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Gettting Started


  • OpenGL 4.1 support.
  • Latest Blender stable release.

A dedicated Nvidia or AMD graphics card is highly recomended.


  • Go to the latest Release page.
  • Download the BlenderMalt version that matches your OS.
  • Open Blender. Go to Preferences > Addons, click on the Install... button and select from your downloads. (This will take a few seconds)
  • Tick the box in the BlenderMalt panel to enable it.

Altenatively, you can download the Development version to test the latest features.


  • Untick the box in Preferences > Addons > BlenderMalt to disable the addon.
  • Restart Blender.
  • Go back to Preferences > Addons > BlenderMalt, expand the panel and click the Remove button.

Enable Malt


Malt is a separate render engine, just like Cycles and EEVEE.
To enable it, select Malt in Properties Panel > Render Properties > Render Engine.

When Malt is enabled, a tiny black window will pop up. This is the process where the renderer runs.
Feel free to ignore it, it's only there because hiding it can lower the process priority and impact the render performance.

Sample Files

Sample files can be found at Github.


Malt allows implementing custom render pipelines for advanced use cases.

However, the built-in NPR Pipeline is a fully featured and highly customizable pipeline designed to cover most use cases.

Most parts of this documentation apply only to the NPR Pipeline.

For building custom render pipelines, see the Developer Documentation.