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Malt is a fully customizable real-time rendering framework for animation and illustration.
It's aimed at artists who want more control over their workflow and/or their art style, with special care put into the needs of stylized non photorealistic rendering.

Designed as a community effort to expand the possibility space of 3d rendering, it provides graphics programmers and technical artist an enjoyable “shadertoy-like” workflow inside Blender, while still allowing to effortlessly share their work with non technical artists through Python and GLSL plugins.


  • Free and Open Source. MIT License
  • Real Time Rendering
  • Full Blender integration
  • Built-in Pipeline for Stylized Non Photorealistic Rendering
    • Stylized shading models
    • Light Groups
    • Line Rendering
    • Fully customizable through nodes (Materials, Light shaders, Screen shaders and even the render pipeline itself)
  • Code as a First Class Citizen
    • Auto-reloading for everything
    • VSCode (including GLSL intellisense) and Renderdoc integration
    • Automatic generation of nodes from plain GLSL functions
    • Automatic UI for Shader and Pipeline parameters
    • 100% customizable Python Render Pipelines